GroupshotFrom left: Jelle Jager, programming; Lee Anderson, flash scripting; Kim Lynch, design/animation; Nu Lynch, writer/editor

    The Reef can help in the following areas:

    Web Design

    The Reef develops websites that give full control of the content to the client.
    This means you can change any text and images, on any page at any time.
    Our websites are powered by ModX, an Open Source project.
    ModX is a CMS system. CMS is jargon for Content Management System (of web pages), which in turn is jargon for “update facility” (which is older jargon for Do It Yourself).
    We chose ModX above other systems because it is easy to use for in-house editing by staff.
    There are no ongoing license fees or catches. A one-off installation and setup is charged for the ModX content management system engine. The basic setup is ideal for small to medium companies and covers menus, search engine, email input and standard page templates that can be updated by the client with photos, text and animation easily from the CMS manager.

    ModX has allowed us to provide a lower cost to clients because it is an Open Source project.
    Open Source is a long standing body of top international programmers who collaborate to create alternatives to corporate software.
    The usually secret “source code” is shared openly, making development by hundreds of programmers possible. The most well known Open Source product is Linux.

    The way your website behaves is up to us. We are pretty good at working out the best way to organise your information so that it can be found with a minimum of clicks.

    Web Graphic Design

    If your website is to have a sophisticated and individual look, good graphic design is essential. Graphic design for the Web has its limitations, in that all the elements are placed on the page with code, not glue.
    We know most of the traps, and can avoid them. We can also work around the limitations to your benefit.

    Director Kim Lynch had 15 years of traditional graphic design and illustration experience before taking to computer graphics 20 years ago.

    Flash Animation and Interactive Features

    Please see our Animation and Mobile pages for examples. We cover all 2D aspects of multimedia animation.

    Photo Retouching

    (for web) Over twelve years we have processed thousands of photos ranging from pro standard to wobbly amateur snaps. We can remove background objects, blotches, five o’clock shadows. We can straighten a tie, add a wheel, insert a dog. Illustration skills are a great help here.

    Troubleshooting Broken Websites

    (some exceptions) There is a growing demand for this service in Australia and the US. Clients who have had their website work outsourced are often left with a job unfinished, of poor craftsmanship and without personal support. We do not service Microsoft (asp) sites.

    Mobile Phone App Development

    Please see our Mobile pages for examples.

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