The Reef



The Reef came together in 1994 when some programmers in Melbourne saw the potential of the then new WWW. This was before Microsoft and Apple entered the game. The first website was made for the IBM web browser OS2 Internet Explorer, commissioned by Norwich Union and sported a massive 640x480 screen in 16 colours.

Over ten years the Reef created more than 100 websites. Since 2005 there has been a decline in demand for specialised multimedia services provided by Australians.

We have responded by forming a network of freelance Australian talent that works along the lines of a Film House, contracting the right people for each job on a co-op basis.

Kim Lynch has been the art director since the Reef began. He now coordinates production of each multimedia project. There is a huge pool of talented Australians with long experience in digital media who can deliver world class work.

Our main focus is no longer the construction of websites but has shifted to their appearance. We can create all manner of digital graphics - logos, icons, banners, illustrations and photo imaging.


  • Kim Lynch
    Art and Design
  • Nu Lynch

Resident Expert Consultants:

  • Jelle Jager
    Technical Director


  • VectaVision (California)
    Security Systems (eg: Bank of America) and Mobile Development
  • Ozzapps (US and Australia)
    Software Development for smart phones

Freelance Expert Consultants:

  • Brenda Moon
    Technical Consultant, Environmental Advisor
  • Jon Wright
    Advanced Programming Consultant
  • Dan Lynch
    Media, 3D Imaging and Pre-press
  • Tom Lynch
    Audio, Music and Design assistant