Kim Lynch studied design at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and painting at the National Gallery of Victoria School of Art under John Brack.

During this period he was a working musician with the Red Onion Jazz Band and a founding member of The Loved Ones who are regarded as one of Australia’s iconic rhythm & blues groups. They were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2010.

In 2015, Kim is in the process of resuming work in the studio after a long absence from traditional techniques in favour of digital media. His earlier career path included Painting, drawing and printmaking in Australia, New Zealand, London, Amsterdam and India. He was inspired by study of mythology and the Hermetic tradition including the works of Jung on alchemy and symbols. This led to practices that focus on the nature of the mind and Consciousness, at first Mahayana Buddhism and later to the Yoga traditions of India in particular Kundalini or Maha Yoga.

He began to question the function of art in the present day. Deep dilemma arose caused by the realisation that all works to date had been in essence personal consciousness maps that were incomplete without the understanding and experience of the underlying technology. It would be some years before he resolved this impasse.

In mid-career he resumed printmaking, painting and drawing while living in deep rainforest in northern NSW and later in Melbourne. He created 10 editions of screenprints using the tusche method, up to 22 colours on Stonehenge paper and resumed studio painting. He enjoyed a period of steady working and sales and was heading toward first show before a prolonged recession disrupted the Art world.

He taught himself computer graphics in the years 1988-93 leading to experimental animation, digital art and printmaking. He had to wait for digital print technology to catch up. Three Giclee editions of prints were made in 2014, hand painted direct using stylus and photoshop tools.

A new studio has been established for painting and printmaking. There is a body of work waiting in the wings consisting of several streams: Personal experiences of Consciousness and the Search; the natural world; the gulf between European and indigenous cultures; universal myths and symbols; and impressions of the collective psyche.

Prizes & Competitions
1964 Herald Youth Prize
1966 National Gallery Society Prize for painting
1972 Special mention, Blake Prize, Sydney
1974 Waratah Festival (Gosford NSW) prize for watercolour
Ballarat Fine Art Gallery
Shell collection
Holmes à Court collection
Robertson-Swann collection
1967 Young Contemporaries. Gallery A, Melbourne
1973 Oxford St Gallery, Drawings
1980 Richmond Hill Gallery, Works on paper.
1986 Editions Galleries, Prints, Paintings and Works on Paper