All illustration and Flash animation by Kim Lynch.
© Copyright 2008 The Reef Multimedia

Adobe Flash is the weapon of choice for web animators.
You can see how we have used it in the interactive display (left).

1 Waterwatch Victoria home page display. Target: Primary and secondary school students, regional waterwatch groups, general public. Designed to stimulate interest in water conservation and care of rivers and streams.

2 Interactive display for The Mining Hall of Fame to show minerals in everyday use. Target: Students and General Public.

3 Periodic Table, made interactive by the Reef from existing poster.

4 A giant screensaver for the new plasma screen that greets visitors to the Mining Hall of Fame, Western Australia. The screensaver kicks in when the screen is idle. Every single pixel is constantly changing colour.

5 One of the interactive cross-sections that were jump-off points to the many topics covered in the CSIRO-Land Water Australia paper on River Management. Hand illustrated onscreen with Flash animation overlays.