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  • Web Design
  • Web Graphic Design
  • Flash Animation
  • Interactive Features
  • Photo Retouching (for web)
  • CMS Construction
  • Troubleshooting Broken Websites (some exceptions)
  • Mobile Phone App Development

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Website Design and other services

"It's not about knowing what can be done on the Web, it's about knowing what can't be done..."

The Reef has been developing websites since pre-Netscape times. The Reef put Norwich Union on the web in 1995 in glorious colour (all sixteen of them), using old IBM's with 20 meg hard drives.
We have two strong areas of expertise based on long experience, web graphics and website design (planning).
Importantly we have developed an overview of web technology, its strengths and its shortcomings.
We always advise clients to stick within the technical limitations of their target audience.

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