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Most websites today are made from standard templates supplied by large corporations in Asia and the US. To work around the technical restrictions to design an individual look requires skill and innovation.

We work with local programmers to make your design consistent over the dozens of browser versions and hardware types. We know most of the traps, and can work around them.

Support and Local Knowledge

Everyone needs support with a new website. Local support is a consideration now that so many sites are developed overseas. All work is done in Melbourne. This means we can offer personal support for Australian companies and organisations. Many clients have found that a few hours training in managing their own site goes a long way.
Local knowledge is essential when designing a website that has a specific Australian context. Is it to be all blacks and greys for Melbourne or fruit salad for Cairns? We know the difference between wombats, numbats and fruit bats.

Interface Design

The way your website behaves is up to us. We are pretty good at working out the best way to organise your information for the general public so that it can be found with a minimum number of clicks and can be acceptable to the search engines. Common sense and experience are the key ingredients for smooth navigation planning.


We recommend and can install a CMS "engine" with a good international reputation called ModX, an Open Source product that is is continually under development. There are no ongoing license fees or catches. No off-the-shelf templates involved. We have lots of control over the design.

The basic setup is ideal for small to medium companies and covers menus, search engine, email input and standard page templates that can be easily updated with photos, text and animation from the CMS manager.


If you would like to check our back end programming, please view source at one of our more recent sites, AACP .

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