Michaelangelo was an illustrator too!

Illustrators have adapted quickly to the digital revolution. From near-invisibility in a declining market a decade ago to a major role in emerging media, illustrators find their skills in demand once again.

Not since Gutenberg made his first impression have illustrators been presented with such revolutionary studio tools.. brushes that use coloured light, airbrushes that can spray rainbows, and best of all...the UNDO button.

Not all traditional illustrators have been quick to dive in to the digital pool, the technology lacks the tactile appeal of a brush on canvas and its complexity can be overwhelming on first encounter.

We are lucky to have an experienced, in-house digital illustrator who will ensure your artwork, from logos to portraits to graphs, meet the worlds best practice standards.

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Multimedia Illustration

As well as providing craftsmanship, we can create an illustration style that compliments your field of activity or product.

Creative Director Kim Lynch was a freelance illustrator before embracing the PIXEL in 1988.
His animation and digital artwork is built upon a foundation of traditional media technique and fine art practice, including printmaking.

His work has appeared in books, magazines, newspapers, posters, film, television, multimedia and the net.

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