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There are two steps involved in restoring a photo: Scanning and Retouching.

Retouching and photo-illustration are best done by an experienced artist and illustrator.


Kim has been been using a digital stylus to retouch thousands of photos and illustrations for nearly twenty years.

This means he can restore old photos in the style of the period, add or remove the dog, give that old sepia portrait of grandma rosy cheeks or realistically tidy up the farm for sale.

We can provide you with artwork in any resolution you need. For instance if you need something for a brochure or magazine we can supply a print-resolution image at no extra cost. (Unless there is serious scaling-up involved).

If you need a picture for a website as well, we can re-scale the image to the exact size and type that works best for the internet (small bytes, maximum clarity). No extra cost involved.

Your finished images will be provided on disk, uploaded to Dropbox or copied to a USB stick.


Pricing is tricky these days because there are hundreds of different digital camera types, each with its own colour quirks. There is no set fix that can apply to all types.

Estimates are based on anticipating the time it would take - under one hour, under two hours or much more.

Simple clean-up from digital. (straightening, colour-correction, contrast adjust, etc,). $50

Restore faded photos with minor blemishes, spots and scratches. $75

Complex photo retouch and restore degraded photo or subject (remove/add people or objects, cracks, tears, blotches, etc,): $50 per hour

Less for bulk batches.

Scanning is free for batches of four or more. For single photos there is a scanning charge of $10.

Your photos will be supplied in two sizes, one ready to print at A4 size and the other suitable for web pages. You also get an A5 size print (6"x4"). High resolution prints and sizes up to A3+ are no problem.


If your photos are already on disk, our job is easier. Photographs need to be scanned, and there are all types of scanners from cheap home printer/copier/scanner models to professional grade machines.

If you need hi-resoution scans for product shots or fine art you should really consider having them done by a specialist scanning service.

Scanning companies will often offer retouching and restoration services. Prices and quality vary a lot.

You can ask to have your photos archived onto disk by one of these companies and then take your time to shortlist the pictures you would like us to restore. You will be able to view them on your home computer. Hi-res images should be in TIFF or RAW formats. Do not accept JPG copies.

Scanning is free for batches of four or more.


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